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Life, Love and Jazz are all the same...

When improvised!

Rick Braun

“All For You”

Euge Groove

“Sunday  Morning”

Slow Dance

OK! So momma sends you out with a long list of stuff; a jug of milk, a loaf of bread, diapers for the kid or you just need a refill of six of those twelve ounces you’ve been pouring down your neck for the last past however

long it takes.


You jump into the car but what do you play

for the next little bit? 


This is what I call

“The Quick Run”. A fast jaunt to the corner store for 15 or so minutes with a few notes to spare.


Here you’ll find a

couple of CDs and songs as suggestions to past the time to and from or while parked at the 7-11

bumpin’ at da pump,

bumpin’ at da pump,

bumpin’ at da pump,

bumpin’ at da pump.

Gregg Karukas


Slow Dance