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Contemporary Jazz Lovers!

Youíve found Jazz da Place jazz in time!

After a while away and some serious life changes toward the positive, yes, Iím still glad to share the smooth grooves of jazz, life, and love with you.

As before, this site is dedicated to those with a passion for the written word and the flow and bop of what todayís contemporary smooth jazz artists are producing.

Each month or so, Iíll review a featured artistís rhythms and musical background in the attempt to blend it's sounds and soul sources with some of the exploits found on the roads of Eastern North Carolina.

Those who have ridden shotgun on past musical journeys know well the drill. Welcome to the new travelers! Life love and jazz are all the same when improvised. Be sure to email me with what you've found!

I hope that youíll join me on a magical journey through the vibes that happen when mixing smooth jazz, love and a tank of gasoline.

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Come ride along.

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